Welcome to Sales@CandLE


Sales@CandLE is the commercial


 wing of the well known

not-for-profit organisation


Candle Ltd.


We are designing and supplying software and
 resources both for communication and educational
settings - for those needing support, particularly AAC users.



Our ground breaking product, Phonics for All, initially platformed on Grid 2, is now available in Grid 3 and Mind Express.
We are also working Phonics for All for Clicker 7


Sales@CandLE also produce a custom made, Access for All Communication Book that can include regular updates using Inprint 3.
Access for All is becoming availiable on Grid 3 very soon.


We also supply


  • a lightweight waterproof spelling board
  • Alternative Pencils - this enables early learners to practice writing
  • Predictable Chart templates that help early writers to make sentences



 If you would like to purchase any of our products, please visit our online shop