Welcome to Sales@CandLE


Sales@CandLE is the commercial

wing of the well respected

not-for-profit organisation

Candle Ltd.


We design and supply resources to support the communication and learning needs of students who have complex needs, including those who rely on AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).




Our ground-breaking Phonics for All, initially platformed on Grid 2, is now available in Grid 3 and Mind Express. 




Sales@CandLE sell a Communication Book that has been produced through many hours of working with students who rely on AAC and discussing their communication needs with them.




The Access for All communication book is platformed on Inprint 3 and Grid 3.




We also offer:



·       a lightweight waterproof spelling board



·       an emergent literacy programme



·       Alternative Pencils - which enables early learners to practice using letters in an error free way.




·       Predictable Chart writing framework which helps students who are in the emergent literacy phase to begin to create sentences.



·       A literacy assessment framework



·       A conventional literacy programme






 If you would like to purchase any of our products, please visit our online shop