Access for All Communication Book

Access for All Communication Book


The Access for All communication book has a unique design, being arranged in a cross pattern rather than the tradition four corners. It can be accessed in many ways including:


  • ·         Eye pointing
  • ·         Direct pointing 
  • ·         Assisted scan 


The book models grammar with core words, and includes core pages, a choice of letter boards, and an index that has a mixture of pragmatics and categories.Students who rely on AAC have told us that they value a combination of core, pragmatics and categories.


The communication book aims to enable the user to get to most of the items they might need to communication but it can be personalised at a slight extra cost. 



The books are laser printed on waterproof and tear proof paper. A selection of covers are  available.

The Communication book is priced at £195.00  or £255.00 if personalised to your needs and interests. The book is available in A4 or A5 sizes so you can choose which size will best fit your lifestyle. After discussion with our  our current Communication Book users, it would appear that the A5 version is the most popular due to it being lightweight and easy to transport.



Users of this book must have the relevent software. The symbol sets we have available are;


  • PCS Symbols
  • Widgit
  • Symbol Stix

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