Access for All Communication Book

Access for All Communication Book



The thing as a company we are most proud of!


With its unique layout, it works for under assisted scan, two hit, good access and eye pointing.


If a student needs to eye point, it is much easier to eye point in a cross shape than in the corners.



The girl who first used this book has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, she went from 60% accuracy to 100%. This shows that the design offers more accurate pointing due to the cross pattern of words.


The book models grammar with core words, it consists of core pages, a choice of letter boards, an index (mixture of pragmatics and categories that the AAC users we have worked with told us they wanted) and categories of nouns.


The communication book is really in depth, so you will be able to get most of the things you want or need to communicate.



All books are laser printed on waterproof and tear proof paper. A selection of covers are also available, colours, hard back, soft covers..... lots of choice.





The Communication book is priced at £195.00 as is or £255.00 for it to be personalised to your needs and interests. The book is available in A4 or A5 sizes so you can choose which size will best fit your lifestyle. We have found after extensive research our current Communication Book users, that they tend to prefer the A5 version due to it being lightweight and easy to transport



Users of this book must have the relevent software. The symbol sets we have available are;


  • PCS Symbols
  • Widgit
  • Symbol Stix



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